Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Cardio Appt. Update!

Sorry it has been awhile since my last update! We just moved into an apartment one Monday night and we don't have internet yet. I'm using the internet at the Apartments Office Lobby.

Most of you know that I had my yearly cardiology appointment before I left Michigan. This year was the first year at a different hospital, I moved to Mott's Children's Hospital. I'm now seeing Dr. Cott's who is not only a Pedatric Cardiologist, but he specializes in adults with CHDs!! :D He is an amazing Cardiologist; super nice and very informational!

Here is a quick low down of how my appointment went and I'll do more detail when I get internet next week:
-He told me about my Fontan surgery in detail, which I've never heard before. I had a very unusal Fontan he says, but it is working well.-He told me I'm in the 15-20% of old Fontan patients that are doing really well! Yay!-I didn't need an echo because he saw the one my old Cardiologist did on my about 9 months ago and said it was really good.-He gave me upfront statistics and his worries about my future for me. The only main concern is my 60% chance of developing rhythm problems. If I develop these then an ablation and possible Fontan revision would be in my near future! Praying that doesn't happen, but what ever my fate is I will deal with it then.-As a precaution, I will have my first Cardiac MRI in Decemeber when I come back to Michigan. Hoping that will go well. He says he just wants to know where my heart stands from a different view point which is understandable.-I will most likely be having a heart catherization in the next 2yrs to check my heart pressures, but that is not a prioity right now.-We talked about me ever having kids and it looks like I may be able to have at least one because I'm doing well. If I continue to do well then the risks to me and the baby are low. I have about a 1 in 20 chance of passing on a CHD to my child. So, we will come back to this subject later.

That's about it right now! Thanks SO much for all the messages of support and much heard prayers! They mean alot to me! The CHD community is like a second family to me! Thank you! ♥

Keeping SO many in my thoughts and prayers!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,


  1. As the parent of a child with CHD, reading this was really interesting to me. Although you and my daughter don't share the same heart defect, it is neat to read about what an adult with CHD hears from a cardiologist. Kind of like seeing into the future, I guess! Sounds like you are doing awesome--and how cool that you may be able to carry your own child one day! I pray that that becomes a reality for you!

  2. What wonderful news Lauren!! I am so happy to hear that you might be able to have a child of your own! Congratulations!

    Praying that everything keeps going in the right direction for you!

  3. I am so happy to hear everything went so well. I am also very excited to hear that you may be able to have a baby...that brings more joy to my life than you could ever know. It gives me hope for Hope's future and I know you will make a wonderful mother!