Friday, August 28, 2009

A BIG Thank You!!!

For ALL the wonderful Birthday Wishes and for those of you who watched my 2nd CHD Montage as well as those who passed it on!!! =D

Sending Many **Heart Hugs** to everyone!!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Birthday & CHD Montage #2!!!

I’m 22years old today!!!



Do I feel any older? No. I do feel very grateful and blessed to be here, to be able to celebrate yet another year of my life. I know in my heart this isn’t my last birthday, I was put here on this earth and saved for a reason… I think part of that was to spread hope and awareness for CHDs. I will continue to spread hope and awareness for CHDs till my time on earth is done!

I must say this past year has really been something for me. I found the love of my life, my dad lost his job, I lost my Health Insurance which lead me down a very crazy and frustrating world (that hasn’t ended yet!), a trip to the ER, my best friend going through hell, and my awareness for CHDs has spread and I’ve been awed by not only the people I’ve met, but also by how many! It most definitely has been a amazing and stressful year rolled all into one… I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I also learned a lot about myself and about how to look at life… I mean I’ve always looked at life as special and to never be taken for granted… I meant in a way I learned to enjoy myself more and stop worrying about my health so much. I basically learned to LIVE more and boy that was hard, still a work in progress as having an anxiety disorder is hard, but I can’t have that be my excuse for missing out on so much! I thanks my loving boyfriend, Chris, for that… without him I would be in a rut and not know what it means to love someone (other than family) SO much!!!

I know my faith over the years has helped me get through even the toughest times. A few years ago at Christmas my mom gave me a Faith holder (looks like a small jewelry box) and on the top of it was this quote: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” Heb. 11:1 that is where I got my favorite bible verse which I’m sure everyone has seen on the top of my page, but this box only had the first part of the quote on it, so I had to grab my bible to see the other. I actually didn’t grab my bible right away, took a few years… it was a year ago that I sat there looking at the box and realizing I have always stood by that quote, that my faith has always been there to help me. I finally read the rest of the quote and fell in love with it. … “and evidence of things not seen.” We can’t see God, but if we have faith then in our hearts we know he is there and that is what life should be about… not about what you can see, but what you can’t. You guys can’t see my mended heart, but it’s there… we can see miracles at work, but they are there. Anything is possible if we have faith. It may NOT turn out how you would like, but in God’s eyes it turned out perfectly. SO, have FAITH! I know I do… though trust me I’m not perfect and sometimes I slip away from it… but it’s NEVER far from my mind!!!

I may be a year older, but I’m a year wiser. I continue to learn and cope with this CHD along with living life to my fullest! I plan on a bright and long future with my family and my amazing boyfriend, who has made my life more enriched and my heart whole,… Thank You my dear Sweet Christopher!!! =D

Chris and I:

“Though hard times may come and your faith tested, never give up hope. I have a heart that tests me, but also teaches me. God for some reason kept part of my heart up there with him so I could send his messages… so every CHDer… could send his messages loud and clear. So, LIVE and bask in each moment even ones with tears. Never forget to SMILE and LOVE as they are gifts from above!” ~Me

Lastly, here is my long awaited CHD Awareness Montage #2… Please pass it on (once you have clicked the thumbnail and watched it, on the right hand side of the screen; copy and paste the embed code to the page you’d like to pass it on to!). A HUGE Thank You to those who sent pictures!!!! Sending EVERYONE **Heart Hugs**, Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers!!!
Today I’m 22!!!

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CHD Awareness Montage #2

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midway Through August...Insurance Update

So, I went down to Children’s hospital last week Friday (2nd time going down there) to get some more medical records, specifically of my two open heart surgeries and some recent stress test results. Well, medical records couldn’t help me too much as they said all records before 1993 were destroyed!!! I was freaking out because I needed my surgical records. I was upset! Plus, she they didn’t have any recent stress tests results SO up to cardiology we went. We waited and waited for someone to help us. While waiting I started talking to a mom in the waiting room who happened to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield and knew about that young adult insurance that I wanted to apply for and pay 112dollars a month for it. She told me that I can’t get denied or turned down for it because of my heart condition, so that was good to know. Anyways, we finally got stress tests results for the last two recent stress tests. I read through them and guess what?!?! The moron who wrote one the reports got my CHD wrong on the paper and in the other results they got my height wrong by 10inches!! What morons I swear! Ugh!

So, I still wanted to talk to someone about my surgical records because I KNEW they could NOT have been DESTROYED!!! Alas, the person who would know was on a lunch break so I gave them my number and left the hospital. On the way home I get a phone call from the nurse who could help and she said my surgical records had NOT been destroyed!!! I knew it it!!! They were filed in the cardiovascular surgery record department and she told me that medical should have known that and should have told me that! UGH!! SO, yesterday I called the surgical record department and talked to them. They said they would have my records ready by the time I go down to pick them up. GREAT! Yay! SO, again my bf and I go down to Children’s Hospital. We get there and guess what?!?! The record paper is so thin (it was typed on onion like paper, that’s what they did back in the 70-90s) and when they were copied you couldn’t see the writing. SO, after about an hour of trying new things, they were able to scan the documents’ on a computer and send them to me by e-mail. The records are light, but readable. I actually read through both my surgeries… see the records document from what they did from beginning to the end of the surgery, so quite interesting. Well, I found out that they messed up my name on the 1st surgery records (for my PA Banding), my name was Lawrence. HAHA! Anyways, I also found out that I had my 1st surgery in Feb. 0f 88 not Dec. 87. Lastly, the VSD I mentioned I just found out I had, well I’ve had it since birth along with my Tricuspid Atresia… interesting. SO, despite ALL the frustrating getting the documents, I FINALLY have them… I just need to copy them and send them off so I can get a hearing date. Prayers are still appreciated. I’m praying and keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than that life has still been crazy busy for me. I celebrated my 22nd birthday with my family this past Saturday. My birthday is not really till the 25th though. I have a lot of things going on. My mom is having another garage sale this week and school is coming up on Sept. 9th. I’ve been blessed to continue to stay healthy. I got a new haircut last week! So, I’ll post again soon with new pictures along with a bday/life/CHD Awareness inspired update! I’m still keeping SO many in my prayers!

**I’m still accepting pictures and information for my 2nd CHD Awareness Montage for another week as I’m planning on posting it on my birthday along with an inspired update and pictures of my new due. So, if you still want to be part of the Montage this I what I’ll need:

-picture or pictures of your CHDer… a hospital picture and a happy picture would be great, but whatever you can send it fine with me-you child’s name, birthday (and angel date if they have passed), and CHD
You can e-mail me at: Sweeetie2516@aol.comA HUGE Thank You for ALL of you who have already sent pictures and information!!! It means A LOT to me!!

Again, Thank You SO much for ALL of the messages of support, prayers, and e-mails… they ALL touch my heart! =D Sending BIG **Heart Hugs**!!!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insurance Update & a Request

Yesterday, my boyfriend received a phone call from Children’s Hospital about payment plans for the physicians’ part of the bill. That was great, but the bill would only be a 104 dollars, it’s the hospital bill of over 4,000 dollars for my appointment that I can’t pay upfront. So, not much help there. At least the girl was nice enough to call. She did talk to her insurance person in the office (because I explained my situation to her) and then we talked to the insurance agent. She told us everyone gets denied the first time around for disability health insurance (good to know, ugh). She also told us to get every record of every test, procedure, and surgery so I can prove to the judge that I NEED health insurance (ugh again). While on the phone she did tell us about the Wayne county young adult health insurance which my bf and I looked up after the call and called them. They said it would be 115 dollars a month and it would cover EVERYTHING including dental and vision. AWESOME!! Though, I STILL don’t have that kind of money, but I do know that it could not interfere with me getting Medicaid disability and if I got Medicaid disability I would be reimbursed for all the money I paid toward the other health insurance. So, I will have to get more information on this new insurance and think about it. It's a step in the right direction though. Yay!! Praying this all gets figured out still!!

So today I got a huge packet of papers in the mail from Medicaid, it was ALL the papers they received on my CHD, scoliosis, and eye muscle disease. They did not send me a hearing date at all! I did look through all the papers and found that the case worker that denied wrote that I’m a 23yr. female and some other miss information which leads me to believe they really didn’t read my documents all that well. I also found in my recent medical records that during my last echo (last Nov.) they wrote that I have a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) which is news to me and my mom. Know I would like to ask my cardiologist about it, but I also feel like if he didn’t tell me about it then I shouldn’t be worried about it right now. Praying that the VSD is not a problem as it says it’s moderate size. All in all I learned some information and need to prepare for a hearing and LOTS of questions for my cardiologist. I keeping the faith that everything will turn out fine though.That’s about it for now. I continue to be in good health and my life is still crazy busy. I’ll post after my birthday party this weekend. Thank You ALL for the wonderful messages of support, e-mails, and prayers. They really mean a lot to me. I thank you for continue to follow my journey. Sending many **Heart Hugs**!!

**My CHD Montage Request:**
I'm still in need of pictures for my new CHD Montage. If you'd like to be apart of it I'll need:

- A picture(s) of your child (or you)... a hospital pic and a happy pic would be great.
- Your child's (or your) name, birthday (and angel date if they passed), and CHD

You can e-mail me at: Thank You!!! =D

*I'd like to have all pictures & info in by the end of the month*

I continue to pray for SO many!!!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

Monday, August 10, 2009

For the CHD Montage I'm making...

I'm in need of a few more hospital pictures to show what these CHDers have to go through. I know I didn't specifically ask for any, but I've been getting people sending me a hospital picture and a happy picture of there CHDer (or themseleves). The Montage will be similar to my 1st (which is on the right side bar if you haven't seen it yet). So, even if you have sent a picture to me, you're more than welcome to send me a hospital one as well. Sorry if this is an inconvience for anyone!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the people who have sent me pictures, information, and touching e-mails!!! BIG **HEART HUGS** to you!!! =D It ALL means SO much to me!!!

I think everyone will love this Montage just as much as the 1st!!

I'll update soon!
With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
♥ Lauren

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2nd CHD Awareness Montage...

Last Pic & Info Request !!!

***I'm still in need of pictures for my new CHD Montage. If you'd like to be apart of it I'll need:
- A picture(s) of your child (or you)... any kind you want it fine.
- Your child's (or your) name, birthday (and angel date if they passed), and CHD

You can e-mail me at: Thank You!!! =D

**I'd like to have all pictures & info in by the end of the month**

*A HUGE Thank You to those who already sent me pics & info!!!!*

August Already?!?!... My Bday!... Some Ramblings...

Life always has changes and to tell you the truth, I've never really liked them unless it was a good change that I wasn't afriad of or got me worried. I have to say that growing up into an adult has been hard and my CHD hasn't made things easier.

When I was little and just finding out about my CHD and what it all means I had nightmares. I had these nightmares for years. I remember my dad sleeping on my bedroom floor so I could fall asleep without being scared or if I woke up someone was right there. My dad didn't do this all the time, but most nights he did. As I got older I developed alot of worries about everything not just my CHD. I've been dignosised with an anxiety disorder about a year ago. It came as no surprise to me as I've always been a parnoid worrier. Coping with it has been hard.

I've always have had things to cope especially the past couple of years dignosised with SVT's (fast heart rate) and muscle spasms along with eye surgery, a bad allergic outbreak, an ER visit, my parents divorcing, my cousins house burning down, my beloved great-grandma dying, etc. all in 5yrs.!!! BUT I've taken things in stride. I'm still holding onto faith...

It’s finally August which means my birthday is fast approaching! I’ll be 22 on the 25th of this month! That is a big milestone in the CHD world. Am I fearful or what my future might hold, absolutely, but I’m very grateful to have another birthday. I will continue to share my CHD story and raise awareness the rest of my life. I will also continue to live my life to the fullest with lots of smiles, love, laughter, tears, frowns, and trying not to have any regret!!! =D
**You know a lot of CHD parents tell me and other CHD adults how they are fearful of letting their child go as they grow up, needless to say ALL parents do, but even more so with a CHD kid. They worry all the time (what parent doesn’t) and they want to make sure they are protected (again what parent doesn’t). The point is CHD parents seem to want to overdo it more with their CHDer, understandable as my mom did… BUT we CHDers want to be treated as much as regular kids as possible… SO CHD parents: Let them be KIDS, let them LIVE, let them EXPERIENCE things... sure there will be times where they will test you (we are good at that), BUT we were given this heart to LIVE, LEARN, LOVE, GIVE, and TEACH like others can’t! So, let us be US and TEACH them their limits, but don’t go overboard… as I heard from one heart mom: stop asking “why”, you’ve got ONE life to LOVE so LIVE it!!!**

...IN OTHER NEWS: As for what I’ve been up to lately, not too much. Things have been crazy busy now and then, then slow other times… that’s how my summers usually go. Last week my bf and I helped my mom out with her 2nd garage sale of the summer. Then, my boyfriend, Chris, did go for Marine weekend training this past weekend. Sunday my mom and her bf cooked a whole bunch of yummy food and we had a BBQ! I haven’t heard from Medicaid about a hearing date, ugh. I did get my cardiologists letter, to help me get Medicaid, in the mail last week. It was a short, but good letter. I need to write him a “Thank You” letter (or maybe I already did… that’s bad that I don’t remember LOL). Today I found out I got a huge Pell Grant to help my pay my College tuition this year. I was happy about that! Other, than that I’ve been getting ready for my bday, my brother’s gf’s baby shower, and a small trip I’m going to take in Sept (more about that later). My health has been great and I pray it continues to stay that way as I have no Health Insurance.

A HUGE Thank You for all the messages of support, e-mails, and much heard prayers!!! You know it ALL means a lot to me and puts a smile on my face!!! =D

That’s it for now… Sending many **Heart Hugs** and Blessings to everyone!!! I continue to pray for SO many kiddos , adults, and their families!!!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,