Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Overdue "Thank You"!!

Over the past two months I have received some gifts from some very special and kind people in the CHD Community. I have also received SO much support, love, and friendship from MANY others in the CHD Community. SO here is a post to say “Thank You” to those people and a general “Thank You” to everyone else! I WISH I could say “Thank You” to EACH and EVERY one of you PERSONALLY!

The first one is a “Thank you” to Anne Marie for sending me this CHD sweatshirt and CHD Magnets (which I don’t have a picture of.)

“Thank You for thinking of me Anne Marie! It made me smile!”

A “Thank You” to 43yr. old CHD (Tricuspid Atresia) survivor, Steve, for sending me this really cool CHD Coin!

This is the Front of it.

This is the Back of the coin.

“Thank You SO much, Steve! You’re so thoughtful!”

And a BIG “Thank You” to Heart Mommy Tamara Lemus!!
A month ago on a Saturday I came home early in the morning (7am) to find a brightly colored box with Hearts on it from her! I just got done having a rough week and was going into another rough week with finals and moving to California. This was the best pick me up! Made my day and made me cry!

I sat down and opened the box… this card was on top:

I read the inside of the card, which she wrote a nice little note which made me cry.
Then, I took out the brightly colored tissue paper and I found these:

I started crying harder! The beautiful shirt and tote bag had my blog, carepage, and personal motto on it: Hope~Love~Faith


In the card she was thanking me for all I do for the CHD Community and wanted me to know that Heart parents really appreciate what I do and I give lots of hope and inspiration! WOW!

“Thank you from the bottom of my Mended Heart, Tamara! This meant a lot to me!”

***I know I touch A LOT of lives in the CHD Community, but I NEVER ask for anything in return! Just knowing I touched someone’s heart with my story is enough for me!
I have been SO touched by the kindness of not only these people but EVERYONE in the CHD Community! You guys have done SO much for me! From gifts to messages of support that get me through a lot of days and make me smile! To much heard prayers and putting me on prayer lists (and letting me know, which touches me heart so!) to e-mails that make me smile as well! To offers to help me out financially (which thanks but it’s ok. Your so sweet though!) to a Heart mom who is sending me a pulse ox (Deidre, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!) to friendships that I’ve made on and OFF the computer (Mary, Gina, Melonie, Cortney, etc I’m SO happy I’ve met you; You guys are amazing!)that will stay with me forever! ALL OF IT WILL! ALL of it warms my heart! Please know that even if I don’t get to reply back to everything I receive, it means SO SO much to me! You guys have given me so many smiles, support, prayers, love, and strength that I don’t know how to thank you! All I ever wanted to do is to share my story and give hope, but by coming into the CHD Community 2yrs ago I have received SO much more than I ever expected or deserve!

THANK YOU to ALL of the Heart Parents and CHDers our there for sending support, prayers, and friendship! Without ALL of you I would NOT be able to do what I do! I will NEVER stop telling my story and spreading CHD Awareness! Because of YOU and those CHD KIDDOS I have a passion; I have a reason to FIGHT and to live my life to the FULLEST!! THANK YOU!!! ♥

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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