Friday, June 25, 2010

Long Update! Lots to Talk About!

Hello Everyone!

I thought it’s time for another update on how things are going for me. This is a Long update, so hang on tight!

Being in California has been a learning experience for me that’s for sure. My health has been a lot better the past 2 weeks, which I’m so happy about. I haven’t had any SVT (very fast heart rate) episodes and I’ve been keeping my allergies under control with over the counter medication. The weather has been slowly getting hotter and I spend a lot of time in the apartment by myself, which can be lonely at times. Most days I just keep the apartment clean, eat, sleep, watch TV, and go on the computer. But I’m ok with it.

Last Monday I did take my boyfriend to work so I could have the car to meet up with a Heart Mom, her 10yr old son, and her family. I had a good time. I love meeting CHD families, CHD kiddos, & CHD adults! I don’t get out much since I’ve been in California because I don’t really know anyone, so I had a good lunch out and enjoyed meeting new people. Thank you Becki Mobley and London for meeting me! :D

Other things have happened the past week or so that has stressed me out! I got the CHD Awareness Bracelets that I ordered and mostly all of them looked terrible! I was SO upset! I found out after I got them that the BBB (Better Business Beau) revoked their accreditation last year! Ugh! So, they won’t refund my money; I tried talking to them, e-mailing them, and doing a Paypal dispute & all I got was an offer to make more which I don’t trust them. I was upset for a week, but I’m ok now. I got scammed, It happens & I learned from it. I’m going to make different bracelets through a different and better company. Hopefully I earn all the money I lost back! Fingers crossed. I’ve been checking the BBB for a good wristband site that doesn’t have their accreditation revoked and doesn’t have an F rating like the one I went through. Please, if your thinking on buying wristbands from any company, be careful! Order samples first and check the BBB as well as forums for complaints. I don’t want anyone in my CHD family to get scammed out of money like I did. I’d also like to note that I have been a bit hurt by a Heart Mom who thought I was selling the bracelets for personal gain because I wouldn’t be donating the money. Please know I would NEVER use my CHD for personal gain! EVER! I WANTED to sell CHD Awareness Bracelets because I’m deeply involved with raising more CHD Awareness because I have to LIVE with this CHD my WHOLE life. I wouldn’t be gaining anything from the sales. Does paying a few medical bills from the sales mean I’m gaining anything? I don’t think so! I DON’T want ANY of you to think I’m gaining or that I use my CHD for personal gain because I DON’T and why would I anyways! That’s just wrong! If I was making too much money then I WOULD donate some! I WISH I could give money to CHD research right now and I WISH I could do more for my CHD family! I’m working on it, but it’s NOT easy when your limited! I LOVE ALL of you! Please don’t think badly of me!

The past week my Goddaughter, my bestfriend’s daughter, has been on my mind. I got a phone call last Friday from my bestfriend saying that Kairi (My Goddaughter, she is 1) had a check-up at the doctors for some shots. No big deal right, well Kairi has had a heart murmur since birth and murmurs run in the family. My friend has a murmur, her grandma does, and so does her uncle… all have been fine. The doctor was listening to Kairi’s heart and got quiet. He said that it sounds worse and he wants her to go get checked out by a Pediatric Cardiologist. My bestfriend is a bit freaked about it, but I told her it will be ok. I gave her the name and number of my old cardiologist that I had for 22yrs. She will make Kairi an appointment with him. I’m worried too, I mean she is already 1yrs old, shouldn’t she have been check out a long time ago? I pray nothing is wrong! Please keep Kairi and her mother (my bestfriend) in your prayers. It will mean a lot to me! Thank you!

The last couple of days I’ve had thoughts that I wish I didn’t have know is a reality in my future… open heart surgery. The past 5 or 6yrs thoughts of open heart surgery pop into my head every now and then, but as each year passes I get more anxiety about the real reality that in the next 10yrs or so I WILL need one! I PRAY it’s longer because I’m doing so well, but I know that is not guaranteed. I really shouldn’t be worry about it or thinking about it because no one knows what tomorrow holds, but to know from a doctors words that it is in my future, scares the hell out of me. During my last cardiologist appointment with my new Cardio that is not just a Pediatric Cardiologist, but also specializes in Adults with CHDs we talked or I should say he talked about a Fontan Revision with my for a little bit. I got frightened! No one should have to be scared about their future like this. Most days I’m fine, but since that appointment two months ago, it’s in the back of my mind.

When I was growing up I barely worried at all about my heart condition. For the most part I was a “normal” kid with some limitations. I knew I had a heart condition, that I needed to take meds everyday, that I had lots of doctors appointments, that I needed to be careful, etc But those were part of my normal! When I broke out into hives when I was 16 things mentally and physically changed. I started to learn lots more about my heart condition. I learned I was a one ventricle repair, that I had “Half a Heart”, that this was serious. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I think that when I developed my anxiety disorder. Since I was 16, little things have changed: My energy levels have lowered more, I have SVT’s (vey fast heart rate) to deal with, I have muscle spausms, allergeries effect me more, & I’m more aware of what’s going on inside of me. My cardiologist (both my new and old one) have told me that I’m doing well despite these issues, that this is just my new normal! WAIT… I DON’T WANT A NEW NORMAL! I want to be that kid again where I didn’t need to worry, didn’t have minor issues, had more energy, and was NOT fully aware how bad my heart condition was… NOW they are talking about surgery in the next 10yrs! HOLY CRAP! I WANT TO GET OFF THIS RIDE! Is there a STOP BUTTON? Guess not! I get my first Cardiac MRI this year and in the next 3yrs I will be getting a Holtor Monitor and a Heart Catherization… Yes ALL precautionary BUT he told me straight to me that all this stuff will help them when I need the surgery! Yup! That hurt! To top it off, I was told to start looking for warning signs of a big issue and when it happens, that’s when IT happens! IT? Yup, intervention! To say I’m scared can be an understatement BUT MOST days I’m doing well and DON’T think about it! BUT today I wanted to share.

I’m the type that doesn’t like to whine much. I like to put on a smile and be positive, but sometimes I NEED to share what I’m thinking. I KNOW I SHOULD NOT worry about all of this RIGHT NOW, but it was brought up to me just two short months ago and I KNOW he HAD to tell me, he is a doctor and he wanted to share my reality with me. I just wasn’t prepared I guess. I’m trying my HARDEST to slowly put it all in the back of my mind and put it to the side until things get to that point of intervention. I’m going to KEEP living my life to the fullest and be grateful for how well I’m doing NOW. Yes, surgery is most likely in my future, but who knows, they say in the next 10yrs, but I could beat the odds again and have it be 20 or NEVER! That would be nice! I’m going to start thinking like that because anything can happen and I NEED some positive thoughts!

Ok SO sorry for the vent! I NEEDED to share and get it off my chest! I feel SO much better now! Thinking of POSITIVE now! I MUST! I HAVE to!

Prayer Request: I have another prayer request for my Mom and my brother’s fiancĂ© (Ashley). Ashley had cancer a few years ago and went into remission. She just got a biopsy done this week because a test came back abnormal. She will know next week if the cancer is back. Please pray! And My Mom had minor surgery a few months ago to remove something abnormal, they thought they got it all, but another test revealed they didn’t. She needs to have yet another surgery to remove more. Please pray! Both of these women mean a lot to me! I pray everything is OK! Seems like everything happens when I leave! I just have to have Faith! The prayers will mean SO much to me!

Ok before I go, here is my newest CHD Awareness Montage! Enjoy! And Please, pass it on! Thank You!

*I will end this LONG post with some pictures! The first four are of the drive down to California, I took them driving in the car in Wyoming and Utah. The fifth picture is what we see driving down the street near our apartment, pretty neat. Last picture is one my mom sent to me for my precious niece, Liliana! She is 8 months old already! I miss her! Look at that smile! :D





What we see when we drive in our car everyday! Neat!

Isn't My Niece, Liliana cute! Hehe!

Praying and thinking about SO many!! It breaks my heart to read about all the heart breaking things my CHD/Heart Family is going through! Please know I'm praying! Have Faith! And your not alone!
All the messages of support, e-mails, and much heard prayers mean SO much to me! Thank You! ♥

With LOTS of HOPE, Love, and Faith,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Update on Me and NEW Technology!!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I last updated, but here is what has been going on:

I called my cardiologist last week for a few things that have been bothering me. I’ve had a few episodes of very fast heart rate (SVT’s). It happened like 3-4times and my heart rate would get up to the mid 100s, but after a few minutes it would go back down to my normal which is 80-85bpm. Now, I take medication for my SVT’s already, have for years, but a low dose and they said there may be a time I need to up my dose and I wanted to know if this was the time. I also had a 2-3 small 1min episodes of weird heart rhythms, which kind of scared me a little bit. I have also been having some pressure on my chest on and off for over a month that two doctors have told me it was allergies, but I wanted to see what my cardiologist thought. So, with that this is what he said:

-Since the SVT’s aren’t frequent and are non painful, the no need to up my medication at this time, but keep an eye on it.
-The few very short weird rhythm episodes do not warrant a holter monitor at the moment, but if they get frequent and painful, then it will.
-He believes the on and off pressure is also allergies and suggests I try some of the allergy medication that he suggested. If it doesn’t help, then we will discuss further. I’ve actually had this problem before and got checked out and nothing was wrong with me, so 99% sure it’s allergies.

I’m happy with what he said and it made me feel better. I’m feeling great, just hot as the weather here in California has gone up! Finally! I’m drinking lots of fluids and keeping the air on! California summer is here! I’m bracing myself! That's about it for me. I'm doing well, working on my CHD Awareness video and waiting to get my CHD Awareness bracelets so I can post my PayPal. BUT before I go Check out below:


WE have NEW technology coming out SOON that will help in CHD Awareness and dection!!

Take a look at this: It's called the General Electric VScan mobile ultrasound

Here is a video about it:

This device is going to be much cheaper then a regular ultrasound machine, about 1/50th of the cost, that means hospitals could scan newborns with this to check for CHDs and the price of the test would be way cheaper! Now we just need to get the government and hospitals to implant the idea of using to scan for the World's Number One Birth Defect and Killer, but I know my tight CHD Community is going to come up with something so this small device saves LOTS of lives! I'm excited about it!

Ok, that's it for now! Plass on the information about this device if you can and start thinking about how to get it in your hospital to scan for CHDs.

Thank you everyone for the much heard prayers, messages of support, and e-mails. It ALL means so very much to me! Please know I'm praying for so many in the CHD world!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,