Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News, News All Around!!

I finally have time to update on how my life has been going. I don’t know where to start! It has been almost 20 days!

Ok, let me think… **Thinking, Thinking, Thinking**…

My chest cold is GONE!!! It lasted over a week!! I was miserable for the first few days!! Ugh!! Now, I have an on and off runny nose and cough… I HATE germs!!

College has been still keeping me busy especially since finals are now officially a month away! I can’t wait till the semester is over and I get a small break even though I need to take one spring and one summer class… but that is nowhere near having four hard classes are once!

My Mom’s Birthday was this past Friday, March 19th!! I feel bad I didn’t write a post about it. My mom is so awesome, strong, and loving!! She had a big part in getting me here today!! I’m very grateful for all the fighting she did for my life when I was little, but most of all I’m grateful to have her as a mom. She knows what to say to make me feel better and make me smile. She is always there for me and for that I’m very Thankful!

Here is a Picture of My Mom and Me on My 1st Birthday:

And here is a Picture of us a year and half ago (yea we need a new pic together):


OK, let’s move on… I have some EXCITING NEWS!!!! Another CHDer & I, with the Help of the President of “It’s My Heart” Metro-Detroit,
(Who is Mary a CHD Mom)
Presents We Got Heart Support Group!!!! It is for Teens and Young Adults with Congenital Heart Defects ages 12 and up in the Metro- Detroit (Metro-Detroit, Michigan) to come together to talk, share stories, and create friendships. So, if you know someone who lives in the Metro-Detroit area with a CHD and is 12+ please have them contact me at:
lauren.celeskey (at) itsmyheart (dot) org
**I had to write out the e-mail address like that because I don’t want Robot Spam.**

Well, Spring is here... Ok not the weather, but it's still "technically" here which means I have my annual Cardiologist appointment coming up in June or July! Alread?!?! Time Flies! This year I will be going to Mott's Children's Hospital... Yup I'm changing hosipitals for a few reasons. Don't get me wrong, I love Children's Hospital of Michigan, it saved my life and I LOVE my Cardiologist which was the one who I had from day one! BUT I'm now considered an "Adult" (Yikes!) and I weighted my options and the Adult Congenital Cardiologists at both hospitals and I decided on Mott's. I haven't told my cardiologist yet, but I will be going through the process soon. June is my GI appointment, then I have to make a dentist appointment soon! It has be 4years since I've gone to the dentist! Shhh! Don't tell anyone! Ugh! I'm SO bad because I know the dentist is important, but in my defense the past 4yrs. have been SO SO crazy that I forgot as it's not number 1 on my list of things to do. lol. Anyways, more crazyness coming... it never ends! I'm sure when the semester ends you'll get more updates... maybe!

Ok, that's it for right now! I'm doing well! Just BUSY, BUSY! That can be a good thing right?!?! Hey, I'm living my life to the fullests with only a few pit stops!! =D

I'm going to close with a recent picture of my adorable niece, Lily!

Praying and sending **Heart Hugs** to ALL!! ALL of the support, e-mails, gifts, comments, and prayers are more then I can ask for and they mean alot to me!! You guys know how to touch my heart and make me smile! I'm SO sorry I can't leave comments back all the time or give back all the time!! PLEASE PLEASE know YOU ALL mean SO much to me!!!
With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

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