Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

Yes, it has been awhile! Just thought I’d drop in to let everyone know that I’m doing well. I’m on my Spring Break right now! Yay! Unfortunately, I do have to study for one class because I have two tests in the class next week! Ugh! I’ve been taking it easy so far these past couple of days. I watched the movie “The Time Travelers Wife” the other day and I thought it was a great movie; of course it is a girly movie hehe. I really want to read the book now, but that will have to wait till this summer. I’ve been hanging out with my boyfriend and just relaxing! Health wise, I’ve been doing alright. I’ve been having some bad back pain due to my scoliosis lately, but other than that I’ve been doing ok. Nothing I can’t handle or haven’t dealt with before. I also have a cold which sucks, but things could be worse.

On another note: Last night I had a dream that I was standing infront of a bunch of pregnant moms, teaching them about CHDs, heart failure symptoms, pulse ox tests as well as telling Precious Cora's Story & mine. I woke up 2hrs ago (went to bed late) and had this all in my head, wow what a dream! One mom in the dream said that why learn about CHDs, sounds like a death sentence & I scream at her LOL. So yea thought I'd share.

This leads me to just throw out something that has been on my mind to all you CHD parents as a reminder:

-The BEST thing you can do for your CHDer is treat them like a child without health issues as much as possible! Think POSITIVE about their future! There is a GOOD chance that they will grow up! And even if they don't, knowing that they LIVED as normal as possible will mean the world! So DON'T dwell all the time! It's GOOD to step back from the CHD world sometimes and LIVE! CHDers ARE MUCH MORE THEN THEIR CHD! Focus more on their personality, their smile, their laugh, their talents, their inspiration and not the fact that their future is unknown. Have HOPE and remember God is with you, so LIVE! It's AWESOME to spread CHD Awareness and have a tight bond with the CHD community, but just remember too much a good thing can make you go nuts and have those bad thoughts creep in... so take breaks! Also, remember to teach your CHDer how to LISTEN to their body as they are the ones that know their limitations, no one else!

**You may not agree with me on these thoughts, but I've been a CHDer for 22yrs. and I thought I'd share how I feel. Take it or leave it, I just care so much about ALL CHDers and felt like I needed to share! =D I know alot of you already do these things, but I like to remind people because life can get pretty crazy! (I forget to think POSTIVE sometimes too... I always need reminders)**

*HELP ME: I'm trying to get tabs on the top of my blog, but having some trouble. Anyone can offer some tips for me that would be awesome! =D I'm not exactly great at computer or blog stuff! Thanks!*

Go to Stef's blog (Logan's Mom) at to read about how YOU can help spread CHD Awareness and maybe even be in a CHD Documentary!!

Ok, that's about it for right now. Thank You ALL so much for the messages of support and much heard prayers!! It always means the world to me!!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,


  1. Thank you for the post about letting our little ones LIVE. It is so hard to get caught up in their CHDs...especially between the Norwood and the Glenn (because I am paranoid about germs). My husband actually talked me into taking Hope to the grocery store for the first time...of course it was in the middle of the week and in the afternoon when I knew not too many people would be there. I really want to treat her like a normal baby and I try, but there are times when I don't and I know it. I am going to take your advice (after her Glenn...) and maybe even have someone babysit her for an evening out!

  2. Don't apologize for the breaks between blogs! You are a grown woman, student, girlfriend, and survivor. You don't need to feel guilty about having a great life!

  3. Lauren, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It sounds as if you are a "rose" that is thriving and blooming. Best of luck to you in school. Alas, sometimes a student does have studies to keep them busy on spring break. Be sure to have some fun as well.