Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi Everyone! Time for an Update!

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well! I’ve been busy with school and life lately as usual, but I have some time and wanted to update all of you.

I’ve been doing ok. Last Thursday I started to have trouble breathing and I had a panic attack. I went into shock meaning I started shaking and turned purple. Took me a few hours to totally calm down! My loving boyfriend, Chris, came right away when I called him. I was at school and so was he, but he was in class in a different building. Chris missed the last half of his class for me, that’s love. I went to my primary doctor on Friday and everything is fine. I have anxiety issues (I already knew that), a cold with congestion, and minor allergies. I feeling better every day and trying to stay more calm. I guess the school and life stress go to me. I’ll be ok though. It has been a week and I’m still getting over the cold with congestion, but doing better. There are just so many college kids sick in my classes that I think it has taken me longer to recover. I stayed home from school today because there was really nothing going on in my classes and the two I had today had the most sick kids… so I though why expose myself to more germs when my body is trying to recover!

In other news, I made the switch over from Children’s Hospital of Michigan to Mott’s Children’s Hospital. I have everything set in place and my cardiology appointment is for April 28th at 10:30am, I’m nervous about seeing a new cardiologist. The one I’m going to see is not only a Pediatric Cardiologist, but specializes in adults with CHDs which is different than my old Cardiologist. I’ve seen one cardiologist my whole life, so I’m hoping things go well. Prayers would be nice. Thanks so much!

I am dealing with a problem with Children’s Hospital of Michigan. It seems like they have destroyed all my Medical Records before 1994! Now, I don’t know the law, but I believe they are still suppose to have my records on microfilm or on a disk of some sort. I’m still looking into everything, but all this has really upset me and has got me angry too. All the records before 1994 are some of the most important Medical Records as it includes my heart surgeries. Wish me luck that I find something or get some answers.

I have my last week of classes next week and finals the week after. I officially have 1 paper and 3 tests left before I’m done with this semester! I’m so excited! I’ve worked really hard this semester and I’m pretty pleased with how my grades are coming out. :D

I have big life change that I want to share with everyone… I will be going to Folsom, California (20-30mins out from Sacramento) at the end of May. This was kind of sudden as alittle over a month ago my boyfriend, Chris, said he wanted to apply for internships at the company Intel before he graduates college so he has a better chance at a great job. He applied to over 30 positions that were located either in California, Washington, or Oregon. He got one reply back and after one phone interview he got a 6 month internship! I’m going over with him for at least the first 3 months. I support him and I love him and I’m really happy for him! If anyone know someone who lived about the Folsom or Sacramento, CA area let me know! I still want to be involved in the CHD Community!

Well, that’s about it right now! I will post after my Cardiology appointment. I'm going to end this post with two old pictures of me I've never shown before, one in which I didn't know my mom had even taken as well as a Picture Montage of my CHD Journey.

This is me at 5 weeks old, before I was diagnosised with Congenital Heart Disease

This is me a day or two after my emergency heart catherization to save my life at 11wks old. It was just a few days after I was diagosised with a CHD. A week ago was the first time I remember seeing this picture, didn't even know my mom took it.

This is my Picture Montage of my CHD Journey thus far that I finished a week ago. Enjoy. **Make sure you turn off my music player at the bottom before you play my Montage**

***Here is a link to my Montage for my e-mail readers:

Keeping so many CHD kiddos, adults, and families in my prayers. Sending you ALL **Heart Hugs** and Blessings! Again, ALL the support, prayers, and messages mean so much to me! Thank You!! ♥

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,


  1. Wishing you lots of luck Lauren with all of the big changes taking place in your life. Enjoy California!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! We live 20 minutes away from Folsom! We are going to be such buddies! I want Casey to meet a "grown-up" that has scars like him! Seriously, I could not be more excited!!!! You can join our support group, be a speaker, and be a Cali girl with us!! I will email you! Let me know if you need info on rentals, apartments, homes, whatever!!!

  3. Well crap! I just tried to find your email address, and it isn't working out. My husband has also heard how excited I am that you are moving near us. Email ME at Heart Hugs!!!