Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Update on What's Been Going On.

Well, since I have some time in between classes I thought I’d update. I’ve been so busy with college that I haven’t had time to post or do much of anything I want to do… it happens. All my free time that I’ve gotten, I’ve spent with my boyfriend or watching TV. Anyways, I’ll have to post my CHD Journey again some other time. As for how I’ve been doing other than busy with school, well I’ve been doing fine. I got my blood results (I get my blood taken once a year) in the mail and I have to send them off to my cardiologist soon. My OB/GYN signed off on them, so I’m guessing to her everything looked fine; then again she doesn’t know much about my heart other than I have a Congenital Heart Defect. Hopefully my cardiologist thinks all is well. I also made an appointment to a GI doctor because my mom and cardio think I should get looked at… for those who don’t know I had a bad stomach infection in early July and went to Children’s Hospital’s ER; I was bleeding lots from my bum… even though I’ve had no problems since they kept urging me to get looked at anyways just to be safe. So, my appointment is for June, yes you heard right! I couldn’t believe it! After talking to the person on the phone, explaining my situation and that my cardiologist had even called, but couldn’t make an appointment for me they still told me I’m not urgent and I have to wait. Ugh!

Let’s see what else has been going on… I can’t think of anything really. Oh, the “It’s My Heart” Fundraiser I went to two weeks ago was fun and they raised a lot of money for CHDs! Yay! And on Valentine’s Day or National CHD Awareness day my boyfriend took me out to dinner, it was so nice! =D Other than that I’ve just been busy with school and it feels like that’s all I do right now, BUT I have 10 days off for Spring break starting next week Friday! I’m SO excited and SO ready for a BREAK! I know I’m suppose to enjoy college, but honestly I’m not a partier, I’m not part of any groups as I don’t have time nor the ride (no car!), and I have like two friends who go to the school who I see rarely… I’m just trying to finish up my last year and get out! I feel like college is high school part 2 most of the time and people haven’t grown up! I guess I feel more mature because of what I’ve been through and at a young age I truly know what is important in life. Ok, end of rant. Well, that about sums everything up.

Thank you ALL so VERY MUCH for ALL the messages of support and much heard prayers!! It truly means A LOT to me and I wish I could write back and thank every one of you and be able to comment on all the posts I read, but I can’t. Just know I’m praying for ALL CHD kiddos and adults along with their families.

I’m ending with three recent pictures of my niece, Liliana (she is 4 months already!) that I got from my mom, wish I had been there to help my mom babysit my niece. Ugh, school!

Isn't she cute? Yes, I'm bias cause she is my niece.

Yup, she is going to be a pro at Guitar Hero soon. =D

Getting some love from Daddy (my older brother)! She is a daddy's girl!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,


  1. so glad to hear that you have been doing so well. I'm sure college can be not so fun at times but hang in there!! Your niece is beautiful!!! Hope you have a good spring break!!

  2. Enjoy your spring break Lauren. You deserve it!

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