Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A CHD Poem and a CHD Link

In honor of CHD Awareness Week I'm re-posting on of my favorite CHD Poems that I've written. I wrote this poem this past summer. I hope you enjoy it! **You may post it and/or pass it on, just please make sure to give me credit it for it and link to my blog. Thank You!
Here it is:

How? Why?

How? Why?
People keep looking and asking
“How do you do it?”
“How do you keep living like this?”
I always say “One day at a time”
“I’m on a mission from God…
I will complete it; I have this heart for a reason.”
People may or may not understand
But I don’t need them too
God makes no mistakes

I know why I was given this heart
To teach people how to live
To live like every day was my last
To love and to be loved
To help spread the awareness
To show people how to care
To give everything I’ve got
To let everyone know that every day is blessed
Tomorrow is not promised
My heart may be half and very mended
But I don’t regret anything
I’m blessed, I’m grateful, I’m happy
So smile, laugh, love, give, and live
If I can do it, if every single heart kid can do it
So can you!

Mended hearts are here on earth to show us
Show us life is to never be taken for granted
Look at their happiness and smiles
They live to the fullest through every trial
On a mission they are from God
No matter the time they have here
They fulfill their duties with all their heart
They are miracles that bless us
Listen to their heart it tells a story
And learn from the their journey
Never lose Hope, Love, and Faith
I’m a mended heart on a mission
How do I do it?
I just keep living, this is my life

Poem By: Lauren (22yr. old CHD Survivor)

**Now for the CHD Link... there is a couple who are CHD parents to a little girl who makes beautiful CHD Jewelry to help spread CHD Awareness! The jewelry is handmade... they are made with lots of love and care; There business is called Lucky10 (cute name)! Please, if you have the time check out their jewelry website: and pass on the word about their CHD Jewelry! What these CHD parents are doing is just amazing! ♥ Thank You!!**

I had a Snow Day today (which almost never happens to my college, they don't like to close for anything lol)!! I'm still sporting a CHD Awareness Shirt everyday this week and hoping I got to one person, idk. I'm doing well, just busy still. Hopefully I will have an update on my life soon... after all these tests and papers... my school is really pushing alot especially since spring break is in two weeks! Wish me luck! Prayers are always appreciated and loved! Praying for SO many and having CHD families/kiddos/adults on my mind more so this week! Sending WARM **Heart Hugs** to all!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

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