Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Birthday & CHD Montage #2!!!

I’m 22years old today!!!



Do I feel any older? No. I do feel very grateful and blessed to be here, to be able to celebrate yet another year of my life. I know in my heart this isn’t my last birthday, I was put here on this earth and saved for a reason… I think part of that was to spread hope and awareness for CHDs. I will continue to spread hope and awareness for CHDs till my time on earth is done!

I must say this past year has really been something for me. I found the love of my life, my dad lost his job, I lost my Health Insurance which lead me down a very crazy and frustrating world (that hasn’t ended yet!), a trip to the ER, my best friend going through hell, and my awareness for CHDs has spread and I’ve been awed by not only the people I’ve met, but also by how many! It most definitely has been a amazing and stressful year rolled all into one… I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I also learned a lot about myself and about how to look at life… I mean I’ve always looked at life as special and to never be taken for granted… I meant in a way I learned to enjoy myself more and stop worrying about my health so much. I basically learned to LIVE more and boy that was hard, still a work in progress as having an anxiety disorder is hard, but I can’t have that be my excuse for missing out on so much! I thanks my loving boyfriend, Chris, for that… without him I would be in a rut and not know what it means to love someone (other than family) SO much!!!

I know my faith over the years has helped me get through even the toughest times. A few years ago at Christmas my mom gave me a Faith holder (looks like a small jewelry box) and on the top of it was this quote: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” Heb. 11:1 that is where I got my favorite bible verse which I’m sure everyone has seen on the top of my page, but this box only had the first part of the quote on it, so I had to grab my bible to see the other. I actually didn’t grab my bible right away, took a few years… it was a year ago that I sat there looking at the box and realizing I have always stood by that quote, that my faith has always been there to help me. I finally read the rest of the quote and fell in love with it. … “and evidence of things not seen.” We can’t see God, but if we have faith then in our hearts we know he is there and that is what life should be about… not about what you can see, but what you can’t. You guys can’t see my mended heart, but it’s there… we can see miracles at work, but they are there. Anything is possible if we have faith. It may NOT turn out how you would like, but in God’s eyes it turned out perfectly. SO, have FAITH! I know I do… though trust me I’m not perfect and sometimes I slip away from it… but it’s NEVER far from my mind!!!

I may be a year older, but I’m a year wiser. I continue to learn and cope with this CHD along with living life to my fullest! I plan on a bright and long future with my family and my amazing boyfriend, who has made my life more enriched and my heart whole,… Thank You my dear Sweet Christopher!!! =D

Chris and I:

“Though hard times may come and your faith tested, never give up hope. I have a heart that tests me, but also teaches me. God for some reason kept part of my heart up there with him so I could send his messages… so every CHDer… could send his messages loud and clear. So, LIVE and bask in each moment even ones with tears. Never forget to SMILE and LOVE as they are gifts from above!” ~Me

Lastly, here is my long awaited CHD Awareness Montage #2… Please pass it on (once you have clicked the thumbnail and watched it, on the right hand side of the screen; copy and paste the embed code to the page you’d like to pass it on to!). A HUGE Thank You to those who sent pictures!!!! Sending EVERYONE **Heart Hugs**, Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers!!!
Today I’m 22!!!

View this montage created at One True Media
CHD Awareness Montage #2

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a wonderful day full of much joy. Thank you for putting together such a touching video.

  2. Happy Birthday! Here's to many more!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I just sent you a message on facebook and then came across your blog. I sawy you completed the montage to disregard the facebook message about sending you pictures. I know have your blog so I will stay in touch and we can be apart of Montage #3 in the future. :) Again...Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope you had a wonderful one...you're such a sweetheart. Thanks for loving all of these little heart baby's! Great video too (sorry I didn't get pics to you....) Next time!

  5. Happy belated birthday Lauren! Thanks for the video of our CHDers!!!!!