Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Official Post of 2012!!

Wow it has been a while!

I really need to start updating more!

So much news to share… Where to start?!!

I’ll start with the BEST most AWESOME two pieces of news…

1.) I’m MARRIED!! Chris and I got married on December 21st, 2011. It was just a small courthouse wedding, but still wonderful. Below are two pictures from our wedding. We do not have rings yet either, but we will get those in time. It’s the marriage and the love that counts!! Chris and I already celebrated our one month wedding anniversary this past weekend… we went out to dinner, the just hung out enjoying each other’s company. J We had a stressful one month (you’ll know why soon… hang tight), but we made it! Love Chris SO SO much!!

Our Wedding, Dec. 21, 2011:

My dad is the one looking at us in the background. :)

2) I graduated college!!! I now have a much hard earned Bachelor’s degree in Psychology!! My last day of college was December 22nd, 2011. Yes, I had TWO BIG events happen back to back!! I’m SO VERY proud of myself!! For someone born with only “half a heart” and was not promised anything… my parents always hoped and prayed I’d grow up to be able to go graduate college and get married one day… and I did!! My parents could not be more proud!! I’m SO VERY grateful and blessed!!

**In other Stressful news!... I’m living in Northern California again (That is exciting news)!! Chris got a job, which is awesome news! We packed up and moved the week after graduating college and getting married (Yes Chris graduated college when I did)… that was the VERY STRESSFUL part!! But we made it!! We have been in our new apartment for 3 over three weeks now!! We did moving cubes for all of our stuff, and then drove to California. Because of the bad winter weather in the North/Mountains, we had to take the Southern route because I cannot stay more than about 24-48hours in very high mountains like Wyoming without oxygen and since I had none with me as I don’t ever need it regularly, we took the safer route… it was much longer though.

Health wise and heart wise: I have only gotten one bad cold this winter, so that is good news! Heartwise, I’m still have some heart rate issues, usually low heart rate… but I’ve had 2 breath through episodes of tachycardia (fast heart rate) just last week, it had been a long time since I’ve had a breath through. I’m not suppose to have any episodes as I’m on medication to prevent it, but breath through episodes can happen. I still can get some weird beats on and off too. For the most part I’ve been fine. I never got answers I wanted from the 30 day heart monitor I wore back this past September. The official results were this from the nurse prac “nothing serious going on as that is what your cardio said”… and that was it… WHAT?!?! I was not happy. Since moving cross country, I had to change my heart care… I have a new Cardiologist at Stanford… he is a pediatric Cardiologist who also specializes in Adults with CHDs. AND my FIRST Cardio who Ihad the first 22yrs of my life knows who he is!! BIG PLUS!! My first Cardio appointment with him is April 19th… he has looked at my medical records and wants an echo and stress test. I have lots of questions for him and I hope to get some answers. I have my fingers crossed and keeping Hope. I continue to live my life to the fullest I can. I recently hit a milestone for someone with “half a heart”… I did my FIRST BIG grocery shopping trip ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was SUPER proud of myself and I’ve been doing the grocery shopping by myself for a few weeks now!! J

Well that is it for right now.

National Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week is coming up… Feb. 7-14… so I will be doing some CHD posts including sharing some CHD stories. So stay tuned!!

~ <3 ~
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