Monday, July 25, 2011

Liver MRI Results, Holter Results, Another Appt

Hello Everyone!

I had my Liver MRI July 15. The MRI itself went well and was a lot shorter then my Cardiac MRI that I had last month, I did have to wait awhile to go back for the test as the office was so busy that they were running a bit behind, but that is ok. After the MRI Chris took me out for some yummy pizza, so we made the best out of the day.

Last Monday I got a phone call from my Cardiologist’s office with my Liver MRI results and my 24hr Holter results. It had been over a month since I had worn the 24hr Holter monitor so I was glad they finally had the results of that in as well. I’ll start with my Holter results: All is well. I have no abnormal heart rhythms, a-fib, etc. which is great! I still have my minor heart rate issues, but they haven’t gotten worse and I’m still on my same dose of beta-blockers (my heart rate medication) that I have been on since I got the issues 6 years ago. So I was glad that everything is stable right now. As for my liver... it looks “ok” for a Single Ventricle Fontan patient with an older Fontan. My liver is enlarged which is to be expected, but my liver function isn’t what they were exactly hoping for. With my pretty good stable Heart function they were expecting pretty good liver function as that’s usually how it goes… not me. My liver is “high” normal for someone who is an older Single Ventricle Fontan doing well Heart wise. So, my liver will have to be kept a very close eye on from now on and they said if my liver levels continue to rise, then they we’ll think about options… which the first step would be medication. BUT they said to keep living and not to worry about it right now as there is nothing I can do about it, it’s just the way my liver is reacting to my Fontan in MY personal case and that my liver is OK and acceptable for right now… it could stay this way for years or one year, who knows, but I will continue to live and not worry about it.

In other news, I got to meet a Heart Mom while getting my Liver MRI as she worked in that office. It was so nice to finally see another person I have “met” through the online CHD community face to face.

Also, my Cardiologist signed Handicap parking papers. So, now I have a Handicap parking placecard for our (Chris’) car. This will help in really hot weather and in really cold weather or when I have to park all the way out of the way on my college campus. I may be doing well, but in certain weather and walking long distances is not very easy for me, so this will be helpful. This to me does not label myself disabled, this just means I have some limitations and I care about my Heart health.

Other than all that, life continues to be busy with college, family, keeping up the apartment, etc. We do get some time to relax now which is nice. There hasn’t been anything new or exciting lately, most stressful than anything. I do have a doctor’s appointment at my Primary doctor’s on Friday to get some booster shots (Tetanus & Whooping Cough) and to get evaluated for Asthma… hopefully they give me a referral to a Pulmonologist to see if I do indeed have Asthma. A few years ago after a stress test I was told my old Cardiologist (of 22yrs) that I may have minor Asthma, but I had no symptoms so never got tested for it… well for over a year I’ve had symptoms and they keep getting slightly worse… I hit most of the Asthma symptoms, so I’m hoping to get an official diagnose and medication… if not then I’ll be tested for other things to find out what is going on. I know it’s not my heart as I just had a Cardiologist appointment and all was good. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Even though things haven’t been easy, I shouldn't complain as I’m doing pretty well and do have many things to be grateful for… I am blessed. Sending thoughts, prayers, and **Heart Hugs** to all! My Heart/CHD family means SO very much to me!

With Hope, Love, and Faith,

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