Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Update! Lots going on & will get Busier SOON!

Hello Everyone!

**First off: A HUGE “Thank You” too all the CHD Adults that gave me their information to use in my last blog post! You all are SO amazing and ins

piring… together we give HOPE and that we should be SO proud of! Keep living and fighting as that’s exactly what I continue to do!**

Now for an Update on me:

I’m doing pretty good. Most days I’m fine and live my “Semi-Normal” life to the fullest I can. I still get some weird feelings and/or beats that give me some chest pain. I never got a Holter as they won’t send one to me as I’m too far away and it’s just too much money to pay out of pocket… I’m already way in debit. I will be waiting till May when I get back to Michigan to get a Holter. I know if things are bad to go to the ER or call 911, but luckily it’s not that bad and they don’t happen very often… seems like when I’m stressed I get them. Lately it’s been my sleep schedule that has been really off. I can’t seem to fall asleep or scared to go to sleep. Sleep issues is nothing new to me, I’ve had them since I was little, but I think it’s at its worst, ugh. I just need to figure something out to make be able to sleep at a good time and have a peaceful sleep. I’m hoping and praying I can find something… trying out reading and TV right now… I know TV probably isn’t best though, but I watch boring stuff to make me tired.

Well, it’s getting close to moving time!! For those who don’t know: I’m temporary living in California, but was born and raised in Michigan… that’s where my family and doctors are. This move to California was a 1 year thing for my boyfriend’s internship. We might move back if he gets offered a job and if that happens I will get doctors over here in California. Anyways, we are moving back to Michigan (via car like we did coming over here) April 30th. April 28th is Chris’ last day at work, April 29th we are loading up, and the morning of the 30th we are heading on the road. We are already starting to pack a bit and sort through things as we have more stuff now then what we moved here with almost 11 months ago.

I’m SO excited to see my family! I miss my family SO much and I know they miss me! My family is and continues to go through many struggles and not being there for them makes me sad. I’m going through my own struggles, but to be with family for love and support is what I miss. We keep in contact though, all the time... love cell phones & the internet.

When I get back to Michigan I will be having lots of doctors appointments including 2 Cardiologist appointments: 1) I will get a Cardiac MRI (my 1st one ever) and the 2) I will get an Echo, EKG, Stress Test, and blood draw (all which I’m use to). I will also have a dentist appointment, my yearly physical, maybe an eye appointment (for my eye muscle disease), and maybe a back appointment (for my scoliosis). My mom is loosing her house and she needs to be out sometime in June, so I will be helping with that. I’m also graduating college in December (have a lot left to finish), filing bankruptcy, and spending time with my family who I haven’t seen in a year.

So I will have A LOT on my plate! I will TRY my best to give a few updates, but I will be all over the place! I will FOR SURE update on my Cardiologist appointments.

The best way to find regular updates on my is my Facebook and most of my CHD community/family are on my FB Friends list, but those who aren't and are interested in finding me please send me an e-mail and let me know who you are so I can tell you how to find me on Facebook.

Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading! Sending many **Heart Hugs**, thoughts, and prayers to SO many!!

I’m going to end with a recent picture of my niece, Lily (16 months now!), that I got from my mom.

Auntie Lauren misses you Lily!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

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