Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sorta Quick Post and some Prayer Requests!!

Hello Everyone! Thought I’d give a quick posts on how I’m doing. I went to my OB/GYN appointment on Tuesday and that went well. They only had to poke me twice to get blood lol. I have small veins , always had and that is a bad thing if you have a Complex CHD and need to get poked to get blood, put in an IV, etc. Oh, well. Thank You all for the prayers and well wishes! I haven’t gotten the results from the blood tests, but I hope everything is fine. I should get the results in the mail soon, and then I need to fax them to my cardiologist to see if everything is ok. See, people with CHDs especially mine need to get their blood taken once a year to see if everything is good. I use to get my blood taken at Children’s Hospital or my Pediatrician, but I’m too old for both now so now I get it done at my OB/GYN or my Internal Medicine doctor. Anyways, I’m glad another yearly appointment is over with! Yay!

Tomorrow school my new school semester starts. I officially have one more year of college left before I get my Psychology degree with a minor in Sociology. I will graduate in Spring 2011! Wow! I can’t believe it! Time sure does fly! I’m going to try my best to enjoy my last year even though I’m not a huge fan of school lol. So, I’m sad my Hoilday break is ending because it hasn’t been that great with getting the stomach flu, but I did have some relaxing times. I will move on and hopefully this semester goes well!

***Exciting News!! I will be speaking at “It’s My Heart” Metro-Detroit Chapter Support Meeting at the Royal Oak Senior Center on Jan. 25th at 7pm. So anyone who reads my blog/carepage who live near Royal Oak, MI your welcome to come hear me speak as well as meet other CHD families! =D***

Lastly, I have some Kiddos that REALLY Need some Prayers this week!

~Miss Natalie (2 ½yrs. old), who has Tricuspid Atresia, will be having her Fontan surgery on Tuesday! Blog:

~Miss Jordan (3yrs. old), is also having open heart surgery on Tuesday! This will be her second.

~Little Man, Logan (3yrs. old), is having his third open heart surgery for a new conduit and repair a few other things. His surgery is on Thursday! CP: LoganBear OR

~Little Man, Derrick (8 ½ months old), will be having his second open heart surgery on Monday Jan. 18th! Blog:

Thank You ALL SO Much!!!

Thank You for ALL the wondeful comments, kind words, and prayers!! As Always the mean SO much to me!!! I'm sorry I don't get to anwer every comment, but please know they do mean ALOT to me!!! Sending you ALL LOTS of **Heart Hugs** and Prayers!!!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

P.S: Last Call for pictures and info for my 3rd CHD Awareness Montage! If you'd like to be part of it I'll need: Pictures (hospital and/or happy), Name, DOB, CHD, Angel date if passed, and the answer to this question: What sums up living with a CHD/having an angel with a CHD/having a child with a CHD?
My e-mails are: Sweeetie2516 (at) Aol (dot) com OR lceleskey87 (at) gmail (dot) com
I'd like the pics and info buy next Sunday! Thank You ALL SO VERY Much!!! =D


  1. Glad everything went well, and good luck starting the new semester. Thanks so much for the prayers for Derrick!!

    Big heart hugs and prayers,

  2. I'm glad your appt went well. Saying lots of prayers that your blood tests come back good.
    Thanks for the prayers for Logan. I appreciate them!
    Good luck with the start of the new semester!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan