Friday, December 18, 2009

CHD Montage!

I'm going to do a 3rd CHD Awareness Montage... which I will start after finals which are REALLY stressing me out and wearing me down, I'm SO tired; they end on Monday for me though! Yay!

I've had CHDers on my mind SO much lately and just feel like I need to do another CHD Awareness Montage. I want to post it everywhere and show it to everyone, especially with CHD Awareness Week coming up in Febuary!

So, if you'd like your CHDer or you to be in it please send me: pictures (hospital and out of the hospital are good), name, CHD, birth date, when they/you were diagnosised, and angel date if they have passed into the gates of heaven. You can e-mail me at: Swe eet ie2516 AT A ol dot Com or lcele skey 87 AT g mail dot Com (just delete the spaces... had to write them this way so I don't get robot spam). If you already been in one of my CHD Montages and want me to you those pictures, let me know! Thank You SO Much!

I SO DESPREATLEY want to spread CHD Awareness! Praying and thinking of SO Many!

Prayer for the rest of my finals and my HUGE paper due on Monday would be appreciated!

Thanks! =D I'll update soon!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

P.S.: Check out this article... an adult CHD Survivor is going to run a marthon and raise money for the Children's Heart Foundtion while spreading CHD Awareness! Way to go Nels!


  1. did such a great job on the other two montages, I can't wait to see what's next :)
    I will email you some more pictures of Braeden...Good luck with the finals!

    ~Stephanie and Braeden

  2. Hey Lauren,
    I just nominated you for the "tag" award on my blog! For more info. check out my blog...hope all is well :)

    ~Steph and Braeden