Friday, October 9, 2009

Irritated and Frusterated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got a phone call from a lawyer saying that they want to resolve my eye muscle surgery bills (from surgery last July) before anything futher happens. I NICELY explained to the man about my situation and he give me a LECTURE on how to be REPONSABLE and NOT get medical things done unless I can PAY for them!!! So, I tried to explain again... I have NO money, I have NO car, I CAN'T get a job right now, I'm LIVING off of LOANS!! I told him that I DID NOT ASK to be born with a CHD or other health issues, but I WAS and my HEALTH comes FIRST BEFORE ANY BILLS!! He told me that I should get a part time job then... He also asked me WHY I was going to college if I can't get a job now!!! I told him I have NO car (again!) and that NO ONE will HIRE me NOW BECAUSE OF MY HEART!!! He told me that I rely TOO MUCH on OTHER PEOPLE and that there are NO HANDOUTS in life and that I NEED to TAKE RESPONSABILITY NO MATTER WHAT MY SITUATION IS!!! OMG!!! I WAS SO ANGRY I WAN'T TO CRY!!! I CAN'T HELP the postition I'm in!!! I'm JUST getting by, what am I SUPPOSE to DO?!?!?! I'm going to college to BETTER my life so I CAN pay bills!!! He also told me to think about Bankrupcy!!! Then he said another snotty comment about how he is SICK AND TIRED of having to PAY for other PEOPLE'S MISTAKES!!! WOW!!! I'm SO NOT in a good mood!!! I WISH people were more UNDERSTANDING of SOME situations BECAUSE MINE is DIFFERENT then PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH ISSUES AND GO TO COLLEGE!!!


END of RANT!!!

Thanks for reading!!! =D

P.S.: I know I didn't have to take this phone call, but I've had non bill collecters come up on my caller ID as Unavailable that were impotant calls. I could have hung up on the guy, but I didn't want to be rude, just tried to nicely get my point across.


  1. Lauren... How frustrating! I don't blame you for being mad. What a nasty person that awful man is! I'm glad you stood your ground! You in no way need to explain yourself to this "person"... you are doing what is best for you and your health... and that is that! You're a great girl and an inspiration to many! I'm so proud of you! I pray he leaves you alone!
    The Sydnie Team

  2. Oh Lauren I wish I could have taken that call for you. I would have given that nasty man a piece of my mind for both of us. Some people really don't have a clue because they got a free pass in life with no issues or health problems. So, they tend to look down on the rest of us as worthless. NOT fair!!!

    You are a wonderful person Lauren and don't let him stress you out.

    Do the best you can to live your life and make it a better one. Don't let the garbage of others get you down!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  3. That is terrible! I am sorry you had to deal with that rudeness. Bill collectors like that say rude things just to get you to feel guilty and pay right there.

    Just keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about people like him.