Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Ramblings... Appointement Tomorrow

In a weird mood today... too much on my mind plus I've had some mucus buildup making it kinda hard to breath... carrying a heavy one strap backpack accross my chest doesn't help either. I really need a new backpack, I'm not helping my heart or my back (I have scoliosis) by having a one strap... I'm so bad hehe. I'm also tired and feeling down in a way that I feel like I need a girls night out lol. Eh, I don't want to go into the friends topic right now... maybe later. Then, I'm parnoid about getting sick with the flu (any flu for that matter)... I go around my college campus like all I see is germs... I have my hand sanitizer in hand and I stay away from alot of people. Crazy? Yes, I am, but I would call it more "better safe then sorry"!

So, tomorrow is a big day... my annual Cardiology Appointment which will start at 1:30pm starting with a refreshing and fun stress test (yeah right) followed by waiting, then an EKG and an Echo closing with my favorite part... talking to my one and only Cardiologist. I have ALOT of questions for my Cardio tomorrow, hope he is ready for them hehe. Prayers for good reports would be awesome as I will admit I am nervous (I get that way every year). Thank You for the prayers in advance! =D

Anyways, I have more to say, but I'm too tired to think plus I have class starting in 30mins. I will end this post with some promised pictures of my amazing three day trip to Lake Michigan (Saugatuck/Douglas area) in early Septmeber.

On the Sand Dunes

Our Hotel's beautiful private beach right off Lake MI

Chris by the Shore

Me by the Shore

I Climbed ALL 300 stairs (it was easier going down them)

Chris and I on the top of the small moutain (after the 300 stairs)

View from the top

And a BEAUTIFUL Sunset to end the day

Until next time... May God Bless, Guide, and Comfort you on your Journey!
Sending many **Heart Hugs** and "Thank You's" for the messages of support, prayers, and for just reading my posts! It means alot to me! =D

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,

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  1. All the best for tomorrow's appointment. and I don't blame you trying to avoid the flu, that's not being paranoid, it's practical :)

    Thanks for checking in on my little guy!