Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snippets from the Busy Life of This Adult CHDer...

AH it has been SO long since my last real update!! Life has been SO busy (good and bad, I guess)!

First off... I've reached 100 Followers to my blog! WOW! Thanks to those who follow it even though I've done a horrible job keeping up with it lately... when things calm done in a few months, I will have more time.

Now on to SNIPPETS from what has been going on in my busy life lately:

- I got Pre-limanary results from the 30 day Heart Monitor I wore back in September... I get low heart rate at night and can get out of rhythm every so often (like a few times a week)... but they think it is nothing to worry about... still waiting for "official" results (upset it has taken SO LONG). My heart has been behaving better lately... so that is good considering the stress I've had...

- We had a WONDERFUL and relaxing Thanksgiving with Chris' mom!! And I got to meet another amazing CHDer and their amazing mom!

- I will be a College Graduate as of December 22nd!!! WOOHOO!!! :)

- I'm getting legally married to Chris NEXT WEEK on December 21st... it is just a SMALL Courthouse thing, but we plan on having a BIG wedding/reception in about 18months when we have the money. But it is the LOVE, Commitment, and marriage that counts! :)

- I'm MOVING back to Northern California in less than 2 weeks... this time permanently (for now anyways)... Chris got a job. I will be transferring my Cardiac Care from Michigan to Norther California... will be seen at Standford Children's.

That wraps up the MAIN points of my life right now... LOTS going on next week including Christmas!!

A NEW Chapter in my life will soon begin!! I'm SO grateful to be able to live a life despite the challenges and hardships (health wise and personal issues)!! I may have "Half a Heart" but I do not have "Half a Life".

Sending thoughts, prayers, and *heart hugs* to all!!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

AND STAY TUNED... more updates to come...

I will end with a new picture of Chris and I.

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