Monday, June 13, 2011

Cardio/MRI Change... Random Stuff Update!

Hello Everyone!

Hope all is well!

My Cardiac MRI and Cardiology Appointment was moved from last Thursday to this Thursday. I got everything confirmed and set up last week. I wanted everything done in one day so I could get results of my MRI that day as well as make sure I don't miss college. It was just my luck when they called to want change the date and have everything moved to one appointment instead of two... they must have read my mind and knew I was going to call and change it all. So, the big day is this Thursday... ready or not. I'm starting to get nervous, but I will be ok. I will update with the results as soon as I can.

As from my last update, things in my life are starting to calm down. I've had a lot of tough times the past few years, but I know I will be ok in the end... one day at a time. I hope no one thought I was complaining or having anyone feel sorry for me, etc. I just want to be real with what my life is like and what a CHDer "might" have to face as they are an adult... like the Medical Bankruptcy. A Heart Mom send me a message with some very harsh hurtful words a few days ago and it broke me a little... I don't think anyone should judge ANYONE without knowing everything that is going on in their real life... what I put on my blog or my Facebook is NOT my whole life... and those two places were made to all of us to vent then support each other... especially in the CHD community. We should all be allowed to whine, complain, and vent on our blogs and Facebook and NOT get bashed.

Just wanted to make clear about a few things: I'm filing Medical Bankruptcy because I have too many medical bills piled up and I need a clean slate... I will be on good Health Insurance in the next year or two, so I want to start clean. I'm getting Food Stamps because I don't have a job right now and going to college full-time... I can't get a job till after I graduate... and I will most likely never be able to hold a Full-Time job due to my specific CHD case... but I'm going to college to put me in a great position to be able to get the best job I can as a career whether is be a Part-Time or "Maybe" a Full-Time job if they can meet all my needs for accommodation. But having Food Stamps will help until I get out of college. Lastly, I need Social Security-Disability so I can have a something to help me out until I get a good career/job. Just wanted to explain as that one Heart Mom who messaged me certainly didn't know me or my situation... there is a LOT more to my life and situation then this, but I wanted to explain some of it. And not all the stress in my life has to do with my CHD... most has nothing to do with it... the economy is bad and many many many are struggling... and everything can have family issues too... my whole life definitely does NOT revolve around my CHD and I do NOT let me CHD take over my whole life.

***On a Happy Note: Chris and I celebrated 2 1/2yrs last week Tuesday (the 7th)! Wow time sure does fly! I need to get a recent picture of us.... when I do I will post it. I had a bad head cold last week and now Chris has it... ah the summer cold, boo. Love my Christopher SO much!***

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! **Heart Hugs** sent to all!
So many CHD families have touched my heart and I think about them often.
You all are a huge support and I hope you know I'm here to support back, always!

E-mail: lceleskey87(at)aol(d0t)com
*I'm on Facebook too... under Lauren Celeskey

I Hope to meet a few CHD families this summer in Michigan and Ohio!
There is nothing I love more than to give Hope and make new friends!

**OH those who live in Michigan... I started a "Pulse Ox Michigan" Facebook Page.
I'm helping in getting a Pulse Ox bill/law in Michigan! :) Go "like" my page and help me, help save lives!**

***And I want to do 1-2 special posts on my blog this summer.... any ideas
on what you'd like to see? Thank you!***

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