Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Small Update... 2yr Anny... Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!!

Hello Everyone!

I know it's been awhile. It seems like I get so busy with school and other things that I forget to update my carepage and my blog. I'm sorry about that, I'm going to try to be better at it. I took two online classes this semester since I'm temporarily living in California and my college (and family) is in Michigan. I finished both classes this week! I'm so happy to finally be in Holiday break! :D

Health wise, I've been doing pretty good. I've been having trouble sleeping lately, but that can happen for me from time to time. I need to get on a schedule, get a small exercise schedule, and stop worrying so much (but it's hard to not worry about everything especially with being away from family).

On November 28, one of the oldest Tricuspid Atresia survivors, Steve Catoe (his blog was called "The Adventures of a Funky Heart"), passed away. It was a shock to me. He was 44 and I had "known" him for over a year via the internet. He was a nice guy who not only gave so much Hope to so many, but also gave so much information about CHDs (Congenital Heart Defects) on his blog. Steve also knew how to LIVE to the fullest despite limitations! He taught CHD parents to let you kids LIVE and that No one is promised tomorrow especially us CHDers. I know Steve never had the Fontan (an open heat surgery for Single Ventricles) and had health issues for awhile, but considering when he was born and how bad the CHD technology/care was it is a Miracle in itself he made it to 44. Steve is one of my heroes and his legacy will live on! I hope I'm doing as much for CHD parents, CHD warriors, and CHD Awareness as he did. Rest in Peace Steve and take care of all those CHD Angels as well as keep cheering on those of us still fighting! SO Remember to LIVE, let your CHD LIVE to the fullest they can! Make Memories and just LIVE! Because in the end that is all that really matters no matter how long ones time on earth is.

On a more BRIGHTER Note:

December 7... "A day that will live in Infamy" Was Chris (my amazing boyfriend) and I's 2 year Anniversary of being together!

Chris left a beautiful card for me to read when I woke up! And then he came home from work a bit early and took me out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse; so sweet! It was a nice and quiet night together. I love him so much!

Here is a picture of Chris and I:

Christmas is coming up next week!!!! I can't believe it!!! It will be our first Christmas away from family! I think it's harder for me. Not only is my family struggling back home, but I'm so far away from them. It will be sad not to be with them on Christmas, but I will call them and think about them. We love each other and that's all that matters. Chris and I will have a quiet Christmas with just us. No tree or decorations (no money for it plus we are moving back to Michigan come May, so there is only so much we can bring back) and NO SNOW! The no snow part will be SO weird! I know in Michigan they already got a lot of snow and very cold weather. I don't miss the cold weather or snow haha, but it will be different that's for sure. It's been raining a lot over here in Northern Cali, but hey I'll take it! :P Some that Chris workers with invited us over for Christmas dinner since we will be without family, so that was really sweet. I'll be making a dozen easy bake cookies (they are the break and bake Toll House cookies haha) to bring over to the persons house; I like to keep it easy. This Christmas I will be missing my family (I've been missing them for awhile as it's been over 7months without them), but they will be with me in spirit. I'm not expecting or needing anything for Christmas, just want spend time with Chris and enjoy a nice day with some good food with my family in my heart. Come May I'm going to be SO excited to see family! But in June I have a few doctors appointments including TWO cardiology appointments, but I will face that when it comes.

I'm hoping to do some more updates and blogs after the Holidays. Till then I hope you all have a Wonderful and Merry Christmas and/or very Happy Holidays!! Be Safe!!

Praying all my CHD Community especially those who will be spending the Holidays/Christmas at the hospital or without a loved one and/or CHDer.

"Hope"! Happy Holidays!

With Lots of Hope, Love, and Faith,
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