Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Been a Long Time!!!

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since I did an update on me. I apologize for that, things have been busy, crazy, or I just didn’t know what to say. I don’t know where to start!

I guess I start off by saying a HUGE “Thank You” for ALL the sweet and kind birthday comments I received! They all made me smile! Thank You, it means a lot! I had a wonderful, quiet birthday even though I was so far from family for the first birthday ever. I received phone calls from them, which helped a lot. I spent most of the day just relaxing and when my boyfriend, Chris, came home he took me out to dinner at a restaurant of my choice (I choose Outback Steak House… YUM!). Chris had left me a surprise before he went to work as when I got up hours later there was a birthday gift from him on the kitchen table, awww. He is the sweetest, most loving boyfriend to me, I love him SO much! I received so much love and kindness from not only my family and boyfriend for my birthday, but from so many other people like you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday so special!

I’m going to rewind a bit before my birthday as I forgot to tell all of you that Chris took me to San Francisco about 2wks before my birthday. We both had never been there, but it was only a 2hr drive from house temporary home in CA. It was a very nice day, perfect weather and we has a very nice time. Lots of walking was done and I slept like a rock that night haha. It was very crowded and though we don’t exactly like big tourist cities we did have a good time and some fun especially just spending the whole day together without any distractions. Below are a few pictures that I snapped that day.

Awww, aren't we cute? hehe

I thought this bread was cute!

The Golden Gate Bridge! So big and pretty!

Now, I can update on what is going on in my life right now as I feel all caught up. As of Sept 8th I started my college semester. I need to finish up my Psychology degree at the University of Michigan-Dearborn as I’m senior standing, so since I’m over here in California for a year I had no choice but to take online classes. I’m taking two this semester: Intro into Literature and a Sociology class called The Family. Things are going well so far, it’s harder than going into a class I think because everything is totally up to you. In the beginning it was so frustrating because our internet was not working right at all. It would go in and out or go really slow or go out period for hours at the time. We called many times, but they said there is a problem with the connection in our area and they are working on fixing it. Luckily, for weeks now the internet has been working great! Hopefully it stays that way! Fingers crossed!

I’d like to ask for prayers for my family. My mom and dad (they have been divorced for years) are struggling so bad financially. Things the past week have been looking up for them a little bit. I wish I could help them, but I have to help myself with my struggles first. I’ve been under lots of anxiety and stress over everything my family and I are dealing with. I started have weird rhythms, but I called the cardiologist and I’m fine, it’s just anxiety and stress. I just need to calm down a bit… they have gone away for almost 2wks now!

I also learned that I need to get a whooping cough/Tetanus booster shot as California as an outbreak of Whooping Cough. I’ve never had it before, but I haven’t had the booster, so I need to find a place that will give me one even though I’m not a CA resident and no health insurance here. Wish me luck! I DID get my flu shot this past weekend, so that made me feel better. It didn’t give me a fever this time! Yay!

This weekend will be busy as two of my boyfriend’s friends are flying in to California and we are going to Anahiem, CA for Blizzcon (a video game convention). I get to see downtown Disney, but NOT Disneyland as they paid to go to the convention. I should still have a good time. I’m excited about getting out of the house and doing some fun things. I will try to update on how everything went when I get back.

Oh, before I forget:

My little brother, Aaron turn 12 October 11th and my niece turned 1 October 14th! I so wish I could have been there, but they know I love and miss them SO much!

My Little Brother, Aaron, and I over the years! :D

My adorable niece, Liliana, now a year old! :D

October is also the month I was diagnosised with my CHDs 23yrs ago! I was about 8-9wks old and in severe heart failure and almost died. I don’t like to dwell on the time I was diagnosised, but I will never forget it, well my parents really as I don't remember any of it. You can read my CHD Journey by going up at the top of the page under my header and click on the Tab that says "My CHD Journey".

Baby Me at about 8-9wks old a few days after my Emergency Heart Catherization to save my life.

Ok, that’s about it for now. Please keep all CHDers in your thoughts and prayers… I know of so many struggling right now and we have lost so many. My heart aches for all of them! They all touch my mended heart and I think about so many often!

Despite all of the Heartache in the CHD community lately, I just keep LIVING! Not that it doesn’t hurt as my mended heart aches for them so much along with their families (I've cried for them too), but as a CHDer myself I can’t dwell on my own morality. The CHDers, big and small, who have passed are Heroes and we owe it to them to LIVE! So, LIVE, keep fighting and keep spreading awareness. The CHD angels lives will never be forgotten and we will continue to fight! CHD Angels give me strength to keep going and keep fighting! The doctors, surgeons, parents, and everyone else saved us to LIVE no matter how long that may be. If you dwell it will eat you up! Maybe (not for sure) that’s why my parents never was interested in being a part of the CHD community when I was growing up, not that they wouldn’t have loved to talk to others, but dwelling on the heartache and all the bad might affect the Living part. I go by this: no one knows when they are going to go or how, CHDers like me or other children and adults with illnesses are at a higher risk, but we still don’t know what will happen. So cherish every day, make memories, love one another, enjoy life the best you can in any situation, and LIVE to the fullest that you can!

Love and hugs to all!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
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